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Delaware PC Services, LLC Best computer, PC and MAC repairs in Delaware, located at 20660 Coastal Hwy Rehoboth Beach Delaware in the Sea Coast Center, Always FREE Evaluation No Appointment Necessary. Open 6 days a week. Virus and Spyware Removal only $89.99.


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The 1690-BRKT-KIT 3Com SuperStack Switch rackmount kit allows you to rack-mount your 3Com 3300 and 1100 switches.

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Cisco 1841 Rackmount Brackets NEW Sealed in Bag


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Cisco Linksys SR2024 Rack Mount Kit, Rackmount, Rack Ears Complete Set



HP 5064-2085 Rack Mount Switch Brackets


HP 5064-2085 Rack Mount Switch Brackets, Fits J4899B J4903A 2824 NEW IN BAG

HP 5064-2085 Accessory Kit, Rack Mount Brackets (fits J4899A and J4903A Procurve Switch)


Hub/Switch accessory kit - Includes four adhesive rubber feet, two rack mount ears, four rack mount screws (12-24 x 5/8-inch long), four hub mount screws (M4 x 8mm).


  • This accessory kit is used for the following HP parts.
  • 10/100 Hub 12M J3288A
  • 10/100 Hub 24M J3289A
  • 10/100 Hub 12 J3294A, J3294AR
  • 10/100 Hub 24 J3295A, J3295AR
  • Switch 212M J3298A
  • Switch 224M J3299A
  • 10Base-T Hub 12 J3300A
  • 10Base-T Hub 12M J3301A
  • 10Base-T Hub 24 J3302A
  • 10Base-T Hub 12M J3303A, J3303AR
  • ProCurve Switch 1600M J4120A
  • ProCurve Switch 2400M J4122A
  • Switch 2512 J4812A, J4812AR
  • Switch 2524 J4813A, J4813AR
  • Switch 2312 J4817A, J4817AR
  • Switch 2324 J4818A, J4818AR
  • Switch 2124 J4868A, J4868AR
  • ProCurve Switch 2724 J4897A, J4897AR
  • ProCurve Switch 2708 J4898A, J4898AR
  • ProCurve Switch 2650 J4899A, J4899AR, J4899B
  • ProCurve Switch 2626 J4900A, J4900AR
  • ProCurve Switch 6108 J4902A, J4902AR
  • Procurve Switch 2824 J4903A
  • ProCurve Switch 3400cl-24G J4905A, J4905AR

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3Com SuperStack 3300 / 1100 Rackmount Kit SK00017 NEW Sealed Bag




* issues with your operating system, currently installed antivirus, hardware issues, and other PC repairs are not included in price and may be additional.
** PC Cleanup is removal of running programs not needed for PC startup (but not uninstalling them, unless requested), removal rogue programs and settings from the system registry, adjusting key settings that may also be causing slow downs, disk defragmentation and temporary file cleanup that is unnecessarily taking up hard drive storage space. A PC Cleanup also includes removal of dust and dirt buildup from within the system - if needed. We will also check the functionality of the cooling fans and make recommendations for replacement - if also needed.

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